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What You Should Know About Rustic Grade Wood Flooring

What You Should Know About Rustic Grade Wood Flooring


Hardwood flooring, because of its durability and classic look, adds value to any property. This type of flooring comes in many different wood species and grades – and one of them is rustic grade wood flooring.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about what you need to know about this type of popular flooring option. We’ll share some helpful installation and buying tips for rustic grade wood flooring.

What Is Rustic Grade Wood Flooring?

When you hear the word “rustic,” you may automatically think it pertains to a distressed, rugged look with a farm or countryside appeal.

In the flooring industry, this grade of hardwood is not the same as others. While some type of hardwoods may be described as having a rustic look, that doesn’t mean they are rustic grade.

However, in the flooring industry, the “rustic” description usually relates to the appearance of the flooring product and not the structure of it. Aside from hardwood, other types of flooring may be classified under the “rustic” category: luxury vinyl plank, ceramic tile, laminate, etc.

Rustic grade wood flooring, however, has different definitions. The flooring industry uses the “rustic grade” definition to classify hardwood that falls under the natural grade flooring. Natural grade flooring is the grade of flooring ideal for home indoor flooring installations.

Rustic grade wood flooring is also called CD grade.

Rustic grade, also known as CD grade, is one of the four wood flooring grades. This grade manifests a broader range of color distinctions and saps. It will also show more fillers and knots, lending to its nice, traditional, and vintage style.

The other wood grades are:

Prime Grade or AB Grade

This is the prime or highest wood flooring grade. There are very few knots, and the appearance of the lines is mostly uniform. There’s also very minimal sap in AB grade or prime wood grade flooring

Select Grade or ABC Grade

This has more knots than the prime grade flooring. There are some sap and color distinctions in the wood.

Natural Grade or ABCD Grade

This is the next grade of flooring after select grade. There are bigger knots found in natural grade compared to select grade. Some wood flooring manufacturers utilize a colored wood filler to seal any holes that are inherently present. This results in a smoother and nicer look.

Benefits of Rustic Grade Wood Flooring

Vibrant Look

A rustic grade wood flooring consists of carefully hand-picked materials to obtain a look – a look that’s not possible to get with other types of wood grades.

The flooring doesn’t have that uniformed, rigid look, which is a unique feature that homeowners nowadays look for. Because of the presence of larger knots in the wood, the variations in coloring is beautiful and distinctive.

Good Value

This wood grade is also relatively more affordable if you compare it to other wood grades. There’s also a wide selection of colors and textures. Homeowners will surely find something to match their preferences.

If you are on a budget, choosing rustic grade wood flooring is a smart choice when you want to cut down on flooring installation expenses.

Natural Character

The knots, holes, and varied colors are what give character to any hardwood floors. Rustic grade floors are a popular pick for those who want to evoke a sense of warmth and character to their space.

It allows you to emanate a genuinely authentic look, making your space feel cozier and more inviting.

Where Can I Install Rustic Grade Wood Floors?

Fun fact: rustic grade wood flooring is also known as cabin-grade flooring. This alternate name gives you an idea of where it’s best to install rustic grade hardwood floors.

Mudrooms are one of the places suitable for rustic grade wood flooring.

The general rule to follow is to not have rustic grade floors in areas of your room where people tend to walk barefoot or with only their socks on.

This includes the bedroom, living room, media room, or bathroom.

Here are the suitable locations for rustic grade flooring.

  • Cabins
  • Mudrooms
  • Home gyms
  • Outbuildings or workshops

Where Can I Buy Rustic Grade Wood Flooring?

The easiest way to start your search is to go online and look for local flooring companies that provide rustic grade floors. From there, you can work with the company you choose to start the project. They can also give you expert recommendations based on the space you have.