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Knowing When It’s Time to Call in the Pros

One task that most people are worried about is working around vents and other obstacles that may be on the roof. Really is nothing to worry about and I’m going to explain here what you need to do to work around such obstacles.

When you are rolling out the felt paper and you come to the stack or vent you simply layer over the top and try and cut a hole the same size as the obstacle. Do not panic if the whole is bigger than the actual obstacle. You need to make sure that the paper is large enough so that the next row felt paper will overlap the top by at least a few inches. You then need to get some builders Caulk and use that to seal around the edges. One thing to note is that you do need to use the correct tools for cutting shingles to the correct shape. Most the time a utility knife is enough to cut them to the shapes required.

Placing A Cap On The Ridgeridge-shingles-laying

Once you have laid all of your shingles then you need to the very top of the roof with ridge shingles. When you lay over the ridge single it will overlap the top edged shingle to make sure there are no gaps in between. More often than not the rich shingles are actually thicker than a standard shingle because they are double thickness. Make sure that you use the correct size nail when securing them in place on the cap of the roof.

At this point you are almost finished but the most important part is you make sure you seal everything up before packing away talks. You need to use will sealant on any exposed nails, flashing and ventilation points. Where possible do not use silicon-based sealants as it will not last for any length of time. By a specialist asphalt-based sealant which are designed for the job.

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