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How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Theater System

How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Theater System


The most essential component in your home media room is the home theater system. The system is composed of two aspects: a sound system that will produce crisp and clear audio and a screen that can give you vivid, high-resolution images.

If you are planning on investing in a home theater system, you need to learn how to utilize it best. Here are some practical tips on making the most out of your home media investment.

Proper Merging of All the Controls

With today’s home entertainment technology, it’s possible to consolidate all your AV systems into one controller. This is a convenient feature that allows you to enjoy your home theater system more.

Instead of having multiple remote controls, you can have one remote that you can use for all the components of your media system.

The home automation technology also allows you to set commands that go beyond the AV system functions. Some of these settings can be configured to control the lighting systems, motorized windows, temperature settings, and more.

This smart consolidation of your systems makes way for an enhanced room atmosphere and home theater experience. Aside from being a welcoming and inviting place, the integration of systems gives off a unique vibe.

It’s a special place in your home where you can unwind, escape, and envelope your senses. You can be immersed with media and entertainment in your media room – that’s pure enjoyment at home.

When you integrate your entertainment systems and home automation, you get an elevated home theater experience with astonishing convenience. You have the ultimate rest and relaxation in your own space.

There’s plenty of resources available for home theater and automation systems integration. You can also hire a certified home theater professional to make this possible for you.

Suitable Screen Situation

Everyone knows you get brighter and more vivid display images if the room is darker. The same rule applies to your home media room. You can integrate the lighting controls with your home theater systems.

There are different screen options depending on what kind of home theater system you're trying to build.

Some features such as the lights in the room slowly fading to black as soon as you play your movie, and the lights turning back on when the film is over is a favorite among home theater owners.

You can also configure step lights to stay at a certain dimmed level, so anyone who walks into the room can still see while the movie is playing – without completely turning on all the lights and ruining the atmosphere.

Other basic settings to create a suitable screen situation in your home media and entertainment room is to include an “intermission” setting. This is when you can use a lighted pathway to the door, bathroom, or refreshments or bar area, if you have one.

There’s a “game” setting, where you can have the lighting close to you for easy access to the game controls. Also, there’s a “clean-up” setting, where the lights are at their full brightness so you can completely clean the room.

No Interruptions

When there’s a famous scene in a movie you’re watching in your home theater, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted. However, some interruptions are inevitable.

Thanks to home technology, you can connect your home theater system to your surveillance cameras. This feature allows you to check the other parts of your home where CCTV is installed without leaving your couch’s comfort.

You can view a real-time monitoring feed from your television and mobile device through an app. You can also check who is at the door or lock all entryways in your home without getting up and leaving your home entertainment room.

If you have a home intercom system, you can also integrate it to allow you to speak with anyone inside your home through the intercom.

Home Theater System for the Entire House

Don’t limit the beautiful features of your home theater system in just one room. Today’s technology allows you to transmit AV signals to different areas of your house.

You should also consider the wiring situation in your home theater system setup.

With some tweaking and adjustments, you can have a nice outdoor party in your backyard, watch the game with friends and family in the living room, or whatever else you want to do.

You can fully maximize your home theater system with today’s technological advancements in-home media and entertainment.