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Finding a Control4 Dealer for Your Smart Home

Finding a Control4 Dealer for Your Smart Home


If you want to make your life simpler and more comfortable, a smart home automation system is a wise and practical investment. Nowadays, to get the best in smart home automation systems, you need to find an experienced and certified Control4 dealer to partner with.

Control4: Leader in Smart Home Automation

Want to switch the lights on or off without moving from where you are? How about checking your home security camera system from your vacation? With a Control4 system, you can do all of this – and more.

A Control4 dealer can help you get started with customizing all the smart home features you want right into your own home.

In today’s post, we’ll share with you the benefits of getting the services of a reputable Control4 dealer.

What Makes a Control 4 Dealer?

Not every smart home automation company is certified to be a Control4 dealer. According to Control 4, they implement strict certification and experience requirements before they let anyone become a certified and authorized dealer.

Once they achieve the coveted accreditation, these smart home professionals are also privy to cutting-edge and hands-on training with the latest home automation curriculum.

A Control4 dealer can help integrate your home systems.

What does this mean for consumers? A properly designed and installed smart home automation system by highly-trained and expert smart home technicians.

When you work with an authorized Control4 smart home professional, you know your home is in good (and expert) hands.

Expertise and Connection

When you hire a certified Control4 dealer, you’re not just getting an expert installation. You’re also taking advantage of a knowledgeable specialist who can help connect all your devices and hook you up with all the latest products down the line.

Ask if your Control4 dealer is Platinum level. This is the highest tier of Control4 dealership customers can work with.

Integrated Solutions

While it’s true that do-it-yourself smart home solutions are undoubtedly doable, nothing can match a professional integrated installation from certified technicians. Also, unless you have strong knowledge in wiring and electrical components, it’s best to leave these projects to professional Control 4 dealers to avoid any potentially unsafe and dangerous situations.

True professionals have comprehensive control and knowledge of every smart home component. Furthermore, they know how to make these components integrate seamlessly – integrations that are efficient and cost-effective.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Sky’s virtually the limit when it comes to customizing your Control4 smart home automation features. If you’re not sure where to start, your Control4 dealer can help. Whatever device you may have, it will highly likely be compatible with Control4; it has the most extended list of manufacturers suited to work with the Control4 system.

Whether it’s a Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Lutron lighting, and other products – you have the power to control these devices separately or along with the Control4 system.

Find a Control4 Showroom

To fully understand the benefits of smart home technology, you need to experience expertly orchestrated smart home features. Your Control4 dealer can make this happen. Find a local Control4 showroom.

Visiting a Control4 showroom will let you experience firsthand how smart home technologies work in harmony. These harmonious technological collaborations create a convenient, comfortable, enjoyable, and safe home – a true smart home of the future.

You’ll also be able to speak directly with professional Control4 technicians who are highly trained to do installations of the system. Ask for hands-on demonstrations of the products to see if they meet your smart home needs.

Control4-Powered Homes

Every home – big or small – can take advantage of the benefits of the Control4 system. When you find a Control4 dealer, they can coordinate all the applications in your home into one complete smart home integration.

Whether you want to stream music, control the heating and cooling in your home, manage your home security system, or play something in your home entertainment system, anything is possible with Control4.

The True Power of Control4

The real power of the Control4 system is that aside from integrating your systems to work together, t also get the most optimal function and performance out of them.

For example, your once disorderly music library can be set to have organized playlists and stream throughout parts of your home. Simply put, you can get the most out of technology and automation with the Control4 system.